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Wireless doorbell - Techtube Pro
Ordered before 10 p.m., delivered tomorrow
€ 8,49
Doorbell - Velleman
Ordered before 10 p.m., delivered tomorrow
€ 6,39
Store doorbell - Velleman
Ordered before 10 p.m., delivered tomorrow
€ 86,49
Doorbell - Grothe
Ordered before 10 p.m., delivered tomorrow
€ 45,00

Choose the doorbell that suits you


Choosing a doorbell is more personal than many people think. At Allekabels you will always find a model that suits you. Allekabels offers you plenty of choice, both for very modern and more familiar models. Allekabels has included several popular A-brands in its assortment. Furthermore, the room in which you will use the bell is important for choosing your model. This is especially true for the power supply. You can choose a battery-operated doorbell or a mains-powered doorbell at Allekabels. For the latter, you often need a doorbell transformer. Of course, we have many different models in our assortment.

Extra functions of your doorbell


Many models in our range have additional features, such as a doorbell with intercom function. This allows you as a resident to welcome your visitors in advance via the intercom. There are also additional options for people with impaired hearing. Some of our bells are equipped with a light flash function so that you are notified not only via audio but also visually of arriving visitors. However, care must be taken here if the receiver (the button) and/or sender (the bell) must be connected to mains power to ensure continuous power.

also suitable for business applications


Do you live above your store and get tired of constantly walking downstairs? In addition to various doorbells with camera (also called video intercom systems), we have bells available where you can open the door from your store, office or other room with the push of a button. If you need a bell in your store or want extra security, look at our solutions with motion detectors. These will always notify you of desired or perhaps unwanted visitors in a timely, safe and discreet manner.

A unique and recognizable sound


All cables has all types of doorbells in its assortment, so you will always succeed with us. Are you looking for a more traditional doorbell, for example with a gong or a tring? Or do you want a new model with different adjustable tones? Even if you only want to change the sound but not the bell, we have the solution for you. With us you can choose from doorbells with multiple melodies. We also have doorbells with one constant tone and with two and three different tones. Should your bell buzz or bark? Most sounds are achievable with one of our doorbells.

Which doorbell to choose?

Increasingly, a wireless one is being used as a doorbell. Not only is the installation of a wireless system fast and easy. Also, these types of bells often have a contemporary and sleek design. In short: handy, especially in the following situations. For example, is your front door located one floor below and you want to be able to remotely open the lower door? Then an intercom can be a solution. Even if you run a store and want to be notified when a new customer enters the store, we have the solution. Then choose a doorbell with a motion sensor. For all environments, whether it's your home or your workspace, there are options for a doorbell with a camera.

The range of a doorbell


Often 2 things determine whether you choose a wired doorbell or a wireless one. First, the distance between door and bell is important. Second, the type of power supply possible matters. If you choose a wireless model, it is important to know how far away the transmitter (the push button) is from the receiver (the bell). The range of most systems is limited to 60 meters. If you need to cover a greater distance, there are also models with a range of up to 150 meters. By the way, the signal is not obstructed by walls, doors or windows. So feel free to measure the range distance as the crow flies through your home or retail space. You can also play around a bit with placement for the best range.

powered or battery powered?

With doorbells, you can choose between several types of power supplies. Allekabels has both battery-powered and mains-powered doorbells. Also, both types of power supplies can be in the same package. It could be that the receiver works through mains power, while the transmitter works through a battery. Or vice versa. A battery power supply has the advantage that you do not have to pull extra cables. However, you should keep in mind that batteries do not have eternal life. You will have to replace the batteries regularly. You won't have this problem with a fixed power supply. Check if you need to order batteries. Besides wireless versions we also have many traditional doorbells.

Clever accessories: repeater, camera, intercom


You can choose with us whether to buy a complete set at once, or to put together your own. You can also expand an already purchased set with various accessories. For example, there are loose bell pushers and loose receivers for sale. As with a wireless WiFi network, the total distance between transmitter and receiver may be too great. Also in this situation you can choose to install a so-called repeater. We have repeaters in our assortment that can increase the range of a bell system to about 500 meters. For the private market this may be a bit on the long side, but for the business market such a range can be a godsend. Incidentally, this also applies to the private individual with a long garden or meadow.

The caller in view: doorbell with camera and intercom

Sometimes you also want to have access to images in addition to the audio signal. This can not only be fun, it can also be a useful tool when you are not so quick to recognize voices but a face. You can therefore choose a wireless doorbell with camera and intercom from us. There are several advantages to a wireless doorbell with camera. Not only can you see who is at the door. You can also have footage stored so that you can see at a later time who was at the door. The options of these cameras are diverse. Color monitors are usually provided; cost-wise, black and white is no longer a necessity. Screen sizes are also still growing. Most models also feature night vision. The wireless doorbell with camera category is very regularly expanded with new models, as technology is advancing rapidly. For example, there are now also models with portable TFT color monitor and the ability to also view the image via an app on your smartphone. With these wireless doorbells you can see who is at the door, even if you yourself are not at home.

Installing a doorbell

A major advantage of a wireless doorbell is the ease of installation. After all, there is no wiring to be done. The bell trigger is screwed or taped on, the receiver can simply be set down. After switching on the system, the wireless doorbell is basically ready for operation. If more bell pushers or additional options are needed, such a basic system is very easy to expand. The more renowned brands such as Grundig and Honeywell offer various expansion options, with which you can also add a bit of security to your home. By the way, you can also go directly for the products of one of these manufacturers in our selection menu. These types of advanced product lines are available for both the business and residential markets. Feel free to call us if you are looking for an installation that cannot be put together directly on our site.